Thursday, September 3, 2009

A mixed bag day

Yesterday, after a rough time at work the evening before, I woke up with a headache. Actually, saying that I woke up is a bit of an exaggeration, because I think I didn’t really ever thoroughly wake up – at least not till very much later. Thinking a walk would help my headie, I went shopping at Value Village for my new winter wardrobe, but I couldn’t find a single suitable thing. The walk did help my headache, but I think it was still silently lurking in there because though I found nothing for myself, I did find some cute Halloween socks for Rachael, but then forgot about them and turned in my otherwise empty shopping bag with them still in it. Then I went to the grocery store and forgot to get the most important thing of all– tea, which is a sine qua non of my existence. I tried all afternoon to take a nap but had constant interruptions – Margaret, Rachael, John the handyman. They all had crucial needs which trumped my nap need, or so they seemed to feel. The headache lingered till I went to visit my friends Maria and Corinna. It vanished as soon as I set out, and sad to say, returned as soon as I arrived home again. Hmmmmmm! What can that mean? This morning, it was still here, but in a lesser form – one that could be tamed by two aspirins.

I had a lovely time visiting the twins and looking over their delightful mini-museum of a house. Here is a very small part of a fabulously decorated refrigerator with magnets from everywhere. And some other marvels from their collections. And of course the twins themselves – the most marvelous of all.


I. F. said...

Your pictures make our apartment look so cool! It was delightful to share a bottle of Gewurtztraminer with a fellow blogger.

Laura said...

My brother spent some time enjoying the book club of one of these twins. It was nice to meet them through your blog!