Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunday – gosh, that was three days ago, but I’ve been working ever since, and have nothing to report on that front – anyhow, Sunday was a very busy but fun day. My main agenda item was to clean the house, as there was almost a whole other Margaret spread out over the rugs, with big gobs of Maria as well. You barely could see the carpets through all the dog and cat hair. I went to church (first picture, our beautiful organ) and Joseph, apparently feeling frisky, brilliantly played some of my favorite Bach pieces. Real toe-tappers. After church, my friend Judy and I fought our way through torrential rain (Hurrah! Summer is over!) and went for lunch to a new-to-me Vietnamese restaurant. We had lovely golden papaya salad which was scrumptious indeed. It was so good that we gobbled it up before taking its picture. When we came out of the restaurant, the sun was shining brilliantly. (Oops! Maybe not quite over!). We passed a store with Vietnamese treats, cookies and candy, and stopped in to look at the wares. The proprietors were very nice and gave us samples of some of the sweets. Here is the proprietress, handing me my purchases. She was kind of fascinating, and reminded me of an Asian Tammy Faye. I bought some yummissima sesame cookies and some of Becca’s favorite type of sesame candy as a hostess gift because she was fixing a faaabulous dinner for us. Here are Dakki and Rachael enjoying a moment of postprandial bliss. And darn! I didn't get my housecleaning done.


rebecca said...

Where was that nice candy store?

joannamauselina said...

Right next to the place we ate on that little stripmall on Jackson. We need to go there for lunch soon.