Saturday, June 13, 2009

An unexpectedly odd day

Last evening I was in a patient’s quiet room when suddenly, the room was filled with the most horrible music. Initially, we both thought she had inadvertently turned on her TV, but it was not on. Her roommate’s TV was not on. I looked around the room for the source of the noise, while she pawed through her things trying to find it. Some buffoon outside with a boom box, I thought, and looked out the window to see if there was someone on the roof garden below. No one was there. Finally, I noticed that the music was sort of following me around. It was actually coming from my pocket! It was the dreadful music that came with my cell phone. I must have bumped against the patient’s bedside table, and turned it on. Rachael had fixed my phone so that this wouldn’t ever happen, but evidently it unfixed itself. The second time this happened, my nurse colleagues and I had a conference and figured out how to lock the music out again. What a surprising and embarrassing episode. Fortunately, my patient, who had been quite in the dumps about her situation, was amused and cheered up.

Since I have no photo to illustrate this story, here is a picture of my work dinner. My aunt had given me some tomatoes, with which I planned to make a sort of Spanish rice – lots of tomatoes and onions. Then when I was preparing it, I found that all my onions all had grey fur on them. So, desperate, I used an apple. Then I realized that I had some green onions, so I added them. And as an afterthought, some peas. It was an odd combination but very good.


Knitman said...

The flowers are gorgeous. It took my ages to get my mobile to ring and not play music, when someone called me on it. It does just ring now.

FugueStateKnits said...

Your photography is so beautiful! It really is a delight for the eyes and the soul!
Ah cellphones! When I'm in court it's on "vibrate" and sometimes the buzzing while it sits in my purse on the bench is worse than my ringtone, which right now is church bells -the rest of the time it's the Dies Irae from the Mozart Requiem, LOL:)
Hey, if the kids can use Rap, I'm using Mozart! (or the Joan Baez song "God is God"...)