Friday, June 19, 2009

A satisfying day

Here is Ana modeling the sweater that I planned to finish in two weeks while in Hawaii. I guess that was a little unrealistic. It took me almost that long to sew it together and make the front bands. I was pleased to find buttons that will work in my button collection, but when I went to sew them on, I found that I didn’t have any of the right color of thread. So a shopping trip is necessary after all. This is the first sweater I have made in a long time, and I am pleased with it. I wanted to be smallish so that I could wear it as insulation under jackets in the winter, and I think it will be just the ticket.


vanessa said...

fabulous aran!
may i ask what the pattern is?

Knitman said...

Hi Joanna - I can't see any detail at all, it's dark. I am sure it looks great I just can't see it.

rebecca said...

Maybe we should have a trip to the button district on Friday!