Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A busy day with a funky dinner

Yesterday I was a little frantic. If I don’t vacuum my house at least once a week, I will be wheezing from animal hair, and worse yet, I just can’t stand to walk through it with my eyes open if things are too messy. I had a dentist appointment right in the middle of the day, and that usually takes it out of me. Then I was planning to go to the Silent Movie with Samos and Michelle. That left not much time for cleaning. And then work for the next two days. Then a busy Thursday. Yikes! So on Sunday evening, when they called my unit and asked if anyone wanted to go home early, I jumped at the chance. It would be expensive not to work for four hours, but I could go home and get going on the cleaning. I went home, and decided that what I really needed to do was read my book, and store up energy to get an early start the next morning. Then, in the morning, the expected energy was not quite there, so to summon it, I just had to drink some tea and read the paper and then I would clean. Well, by the time I actually got started, it was nearly time to go to the dentist! I called Samos and said I could not possibly go to the Silent Movie. He said I had to. So that was that.
The movie, which I expected not to be very good, was The Godless Girl by Cecil B Demille. The title sounds so silly. But it was fabulous - about a super devout bible thumper boy and an enthusiastically atheist girl. As one of the titles said - "where intolerance meets intolerance." Of course the atheist girl saw the error of her ways by the end of the movie. And as the commentator said, those early (pre-code) DeMille movies always had something pretty erotic in them – in this case, skinny dipping – and then a pius ending so that one could get perverse pleasure in watching the naughtiness while feeling saintly at the same time. This dual effect proved to add greatly to the popularity of DeMille's films.
We always meet before the movies at Cyberdogs for vegan hot dogs. Yum! Here is a picture of Cyberdogs, one of Seattle’s fun and funky places, and another picture of the movie which Samos surreptitiously took. I was horrified and feared the wrath of the usher, but Samos fears nothing. The little specks of light in the bottom left are the organist. It was a wonderful evening.


Knitman said...

Sounds rather Catholic to me!

rebecca said...

Why weren't you surprised about Dennis James?