Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Remembering Day

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent kind and loving thoughts about my poor little Margaret.  Having so many understanding friends takes off some of the bitter sting.

Margaret in Mummie's arms

Margaret and her squirrel

Margaret helping with sweater blocking.

Margaret and her brother Tobias snoosing

G'bye, Mom! Hurry home from work!

Here is yet another failed attempt to teach Margaret to play fetch!


Rebecca Ross said...

Margaret was certainly the cuddliest, prettiest dog ever!

Lia Nord said...

I love your photos, Joanna. They make me cry, and I didn't even know her personnally. What a sweet little thing! And so nice to have the photos of her and Tobias together.

Laura said...

These sweet pictures tug at the heart. So lovable and loved. She had the best of doggie lives.

Pru said...

Such a sweetheart. Hugs to you, Joanna.