Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Most Exciting Day!

Nipper overseeings the job.

Several years ago, I read an article about Oma bicycles, and I desperately wanted one.  But they are oh so expensive!  Rebecca was against the idea altogether, and carried on a perpetual anti-Oma lobby  whenever my thoughts drifted again in that direction – they cost waaaay too much, are probably too heavy, are made for the flat Netherlands and not for hilly Seattle. While I still desired one of those lovely bicycles, I had to admit that she was correct on every point.  She was supportive in that she agreed to go with me to the Dutch Bike shop to look at them, but kept reaffirming her view that getting one would be a foolish purchase.  The day we tried to go to the bike shop, we were (or at least I was,) disappointed to find that it was in the midst of moving to a new location, and hence, not open for a week of two. A sign, she said.  I conceded that an Oma was not in the cards for me, and got another bicycle (pre-owned) which was about a tenth the price.  A smart move on my part. My trusty little cheapo bike served me well.  My thoughts, however occasionally drifted towards the Oma. Then a few weeks ago, I looked at a blog that I usually find irritating (query to self: why do I even look at it?  Just to be annoyed? Probably.)  There I saw a beautiful, exquisite, gleaming bicycle that had Dutch bicycle features, but was not Dutch.  It was native of San Francisco and was a far more reasonable price.  What to do??????  The bicycle I had was perfectly adequate.  The real advantage, in my view, of the faux Oma was that it would be easier to get on and off of – especially for an old lady whose hips are not as flexible as they once were.  Also, it was designed so that one could ride it in a skirt without having to hike the skirt up around those inflexible hips in order to avoid getting it caught in the chain.  

Aaaaaargh!  I had managed to get over my Oma-lust, but here was a whole new excruciating dilemma!  I stewed for several days.  Rebecca, this time, was encouraging, and so was my little Rachael.  I needed to give myself a retirement present!  So, with doubts and trepidation, I sent for a Public bike. As it was due to come on Monday, I scheduled waiting by the door all day so as not to miss the FedX person. I was so excited.  And best of luck, both Michelle and Samos visited that day.  Michelle was there when the bicycle arrived, and Samos came shortly after and helped me put it together.  I think that pleasure shared is far more pleasurable, and so it was another gift that they happened to be there.  Also, it was supposed to come 99% assembled, which it did, but I thought that the 1% probably would be beyond me.  Samos had it together in a flash.  I am lucky to have such good friends – friends who were there at just the right time. 

My alter ego


I. F. said...

Your new bicycle is beautiful!

Tootsie said...

You look so cute!, I am a tad envious. Congrats on retiring also, now you can be riding all the time!

Marta said...

I am so excited for you. What a great gift. Not only are you celebrating your retirement, but it will keep you in good shape.
Smart move.
You are lucky to have such good friends but they are also lucky to have you.

Marta said...

I forgot to mention the beauty of your décor.
We stopped using real candles a few years ago for safety reasons.
Ours are pretty but you can't beat the real thing.
One year my mom actually had real candles on out tree.
I think she only lit them once.

Laura said...

It is fabulous! It is pretty like the bikes of my childhood before just functional took over This bike has both. Great retirement present to yourself! I'm sure the 10% left to put together would have sent me in to a tizzy.. thank goodness for Samos.