Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yet Another Fun Day (or two)

Playing Quiddler with the Aunties
I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend, as I didn’t have anything planned – at least not anything more exciting than cleaning house.  In fact, I was a little resentful that I hadn’t been scheduled to work, reaping in all that overtime holiday pay.  But, the weekend turned out to be a really fun one. On Saturday, I helped my friend Michelle make curtains for her bedroom.  We hauled my sewing machine and the requisite gear to her house.  I had made a careful mental list of all that we would need and gathered it up well in advance. When we got to her house and opened up the machine, I was horrified to see that there was no bobbin in it, and worse yet, no little plate that covers the bobbin.  We drove back to my house, and couldn’t get in.  Aaarrrgh!!  Something was amiss with the door knob.  Fortunately, I was able to get in the back door, but when I searched my sewing room – no little plate.  Given that it was clear plastic, I must have taken it off to get the bobbin out at the end of the last project, and forgotten to put the little plate back.  Rebecca wondered why I would take the bobbin out, but explained that I used the bobbin thread to make the buttonholes. “Why would you do that?” she wondered. Well, because that’s what I do.  Generally when I get to the end of a sewing project, it's late and I am tired.  The perfect time to do something really, really stupid.  I must have gathered the plate up with all the sewing detritus and thrown it away.  While I was frantically thrashing around looking for it, Michelle fixed the front door.  Some good came of this disasterlet.  Fortunately, Rebecca let me borrow her machine and also the instruction booklet which I had also forgotten to bring. My machine is still so new that I have to look at the directions to thread it and to wind a new bobbin. It is totally not intuitive – unlike my sainted and dearly departed old sewing machine. Michelle and I, after tracking down Rebecca, meeting her at her house to pick up her machine, finally got to work.  We had frequent tea breaks, but just seemed to  more and more droopy.  When the curtains were done, they looked fabulous, but we were limp rags.  Michelle had specially purchased my favorite hearty tea, but later that evening, when putting things away, she discovered that the tea was decaf!  No wonder we were so exhausted after our busy day.  I went to bed at the unheard of hour of eight pm.

More fun on Sunday!  The Schola end-of-the-year potluck is the social event of the season!  I had looked at the calendar months ago and was sad to see that I would be working that weekend.  This was a disappointment, as I really enjoy this annual get-together.  After Mass, someone said, “Will I see you at the party this evening?”  I was shocked.  I had been certain it was the next week.  That was a happy surprise, so I rushed to the store to get the ingredients for my pot (coleslaw,) and hurried home to make it. The only downside to this was that if I had been better prepared, I would have arranged a ride for myself.  My faithful readers know how I hate to drive, particularly into unknown territory, and especially alone.  Joanne, a Schola member and one of those faithful readers, was concerned, and inquired about my trip to the party.  It had been mercifully uneventful, as I had mapped out my route in advance.  She then worried about my trip home, and was, I think, anticipating my account of the horrors of my return journey. But, mirabile dictu, that too was without incident.  Not even any traffic delays.  Yay!
Pauline's card shuffling machine must be over 60 years old!

On Monday, I had an indoor picnic with the Aunties. We played Quiddler, and I am happy to say that I won.  I never win when I play with The Twins.

Faux food - non-alcoholic beer and vegetarian weenies. Yum!


Laura said...

That does sound like a fun, event filled weekend! Card shuffling machine?-another revelation to me.

Marta said...

Happy (and a little jealous) to hear that you had so much fun last weekend.
You deserve it!
I can't even remember what we did. I know we went for a walk with sunglasses and an umbrella.

Marta said...

I forgot to mention how nice photo of your aunties. So cute!