Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Fun Day

Channeling those "clever girls," The Twins!

When I asked Rebecca if she wanted to go to Jurassic Park with me, I was a little surprised when she eagerly said “Yes!”  I was even more surprised when she said she hadn’t ever seen it.  “Yet another movie classic I missed,” she said.

Rebecca is a tremendous movie buff, and has been since she was a wee tot when she adored Errol Flynn and Ronald Coleman.  No, she is not eighty years old, but we went to old movies at the University every Friday night for years and years. When she was about eight, we went to see “The Charge of the Light Brigade.”  About ten minutes into the movie, she had to be taken home because she had read the poem and knew how it was going to end.  She was hysterical at the thought of Errol Flynn riding into the Valley of Death.  She has been brave ever since though, and has never had to be taken home again.  I, on the other hand have had to be taken home from quite a few.  Rachael, the same!  We seem to be a family of movie wimps.  Rebecca, of course, left in sorrow, which is another thing altogether.  But Rachael and I both had to go home from fright.  That is, in fact, why Rebecca had not seen Jurassic Park.  It came out during her enforced movie hiatus – Rachael’s youth - a period when we could only go to the most absolutely unscary  and benign movies.  And even then, we made a few errors.  Once a movie had lobsters in a grocery store aquarium and it was too much for sensitive little Rachael.  When Rachael received “Beauty and the Beast” for a birthday present, (now one of Rachael’s top favorite movies,) Rebecca confiscated it for several years, knowing that it would be way too horrifying for her. Now that Rachael is braver, it’s one of her favorite movies.

So, Rebecca, knowing my tendency to movie fright, was a little leery of going to a scary dinosaur movie with me.  “I’m not afraid of dinosaurs,” I told her.  “It’s zombies that I can’t abide.”  She thought this was silly, but I explained that dinosaurs present no current danger, while one can’t be really certain about zombies.  She disagreed.  She said that dinosaurs are much more plausible than zombies, and therefore much more scary.  Be that as it may, I loved our movie afternoon, and didn’t get really frightened at all.  It was a gas film, as they say in the Auld Sod.  I’m so glad The Twins encouraged me to go!


I. F. said...

How fun! Wasn't it amazing in 3D?

joannamauselina said...

It was indeed! I'm so glad you encouraged me to go! I haven't seen a 3-D movie in about a thousand years.

I. F. said...

Such a lowbrow film for such highbrow people!! ;)

Marta said...

Love Maria's comment!

I do not enjoy scary movies.
It is almost as depressing as watching the news.

Pru said...

Christian, an early and precocious reader who had taught himself to read from the Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, asked to be taken to the (2D) movie at age 4 1/2, having read both the children's abridged and adult versions (he had no problem reading all the dinosaur names, but did need help with "Environmental Protection Agency"). He was also deeply immersed in his dinosaur phase at the time and had seen numerous documentaries about dinosaurs and the making of the movie so knew roughly what was in store. Reluctantly his grandmother and I took him to see Jurassic Park with the proviso that we might need to leave early. He sat between us and patted us both on the knee, reassuring us that it would be all right, and indeed it was, we were far more scared than him.

Laura said...

Enjoyed reading your debate about the relative potential dangers of dinosaurs vs zombies. Now that isn't something you have to sort out every day. Love your mother-daughter picture!

Paul Hearn said...

Agreed regarding Zombies vs. Dinosaurs-your ability to statistically weight the threat of these two possibilities is utterly fascinating and worthy of a tea and sympathy session when next I return. I want to hear your thoughts on Vampires and werewolves next!