Friday, January 4, 2013

Visiting Day

The carved wooden front doors include portraits
Of Eliza and her husband.

It has been a really fun filled week, despite the fact that, or maybe because, I generally had no idea what day it was.  This was, of course due to being  on vacation, and also to the confounding factors of Christmas and New Year’s Day seeming so much like Sundays, but actually being Tuesdays.  Very confusing.  So every day, I have worried that I forgot some commitment, and have had several times to check the newspaper to reassure myself about what day it was.  Yesterday, Corinna took Peggy and I on a needle woman’s field trip.  Sadly, poor Maria, who was anxious to see the displays of ecclesiastical embroidery and stitching, was chained to her desk.  

The Great Hall -- the fireplace is at least 12 feet tall - just to give you some perspective. 

I had planned to show you some amazing examples of splendid needlework, but the house itself – Diocesan House, headquarters of the Episcopal Church in Washington, was worth the trip.  The house was built by some fabulously rich guy for his beautiful new bride, Eliza Ferry, daughter of Washington state’s first governor.  Sadly for him, (the husband, not the governor,) he didn’t survive till the completion of the house, but his young bride carried on for many years without him – living a graceful and luxurious social life in this astonishing treasure - to which I have paid no heed  in the six zillion times I have driven by it.  No longer…. Now I will have memories of a fun day and an incredible architectural gem every time I go down 10th Avenue.

There were wonderful tiles everywhere.  This is the fireplace in Eliza's bedroom.

This nymph was originally skinny dipping.  Her swimsuit was painted on later.  

One of the guest bathrooms had a cattail theme.

Next time - ecclesiastical needlework!


Laura said...

I enjoyed the beautiful pictures! Is this open to the public?

Samos said...

Wow, that is truly a spectacular place! Just my taste, wish I could move in... :-)

Knitman said...

This is just the sort of thing John and I like to see when we holiday. This house is beautiful.

Pru said...

I love the clothed nude on the fireplace tiles! I believe there's a statue in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol which used to be similarly draped in order to protect the sensibilities of certain congressmen. Looking forward to seeing the textiles soon.