Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Visiting Sewing Day

In the previous post, I promised to show you some of the wonderful needlework done by the Episcopalian women in their state of the art sewing studio. One enters the “private” part of the house, where the sewing is done, via a door with this charming Old Curiosity Ship door knocker.  

By “state of the art,” I don’t mean that they have latest super-sonic sewing apps to use, but that they have an astonishingly beautiful and serene place in which to pursue their art.  Modernity does not seem to have invaded their work area. 

  The sewing room, which was Eliza Leary's bedroom, has a panoramic view of Lake Union and much of Seattle.  And also the fireplace shown in the previous post, of course.

Some of the state of the art tools and supplies.

A work in progress on its frame.  When finished, the linen backing will be part of the vestment.  It will be cut away, as has been another embroidery made on this same piece of linen.

Just preparing the material for embroidery looks like a lot of work.  

Closer-up of the back of the embroidery.  

An almost a century old color card of the silk thread.  Many of these colors are no longer  available.  The sewing guild provides matches to other churches needing them to do their own vestment repair.

They also make new vestments to order.


Laura said...

So glad to see more of this historic place. And really enjoyed pictures of the beautiful work. Very informational too. I hope you take more tours and post them!

Pru said...

I have a similar brass door knocker which I brought from England years ago, can't remember when or where I acquired it. Thank you for reminding me, I think it's in a dresser drawer in the bedroom.

How wonderful that the embroidery and vestment repairs are under the aegis of these skilled women.

Laritza said...

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing.