Monday, July 23, 2012

Marigold Hanele

Another library disaster!  Almost every book I had on order came at once!  Now I have fourteen books checked out, and they are all things I have wanted and waited to read!   Aaaargh!  Why does this always happen!  Well, I thought, I had better get to it.  My plan for the weekend was to do nothing but read and knit.  Some of my books were audio which I would knit to, and others were actual paper and print, so I planned to alternate.  “Cecilia,” the book I was reading before this disaster, would have to be put on hold, as so often happens when I am reading a book of my own and then a tide of library books roars in.  Ahhhh, but my weekend was going to be soothing.  I would go out my front gate only to go to church, and to take Margaret on her walkies.  At the end of the weekend, I would meet Martha to watch her granddaughter in the Chinatown Parade.  Perfect!  
Then Saturday morning, -- emergency! Rebecca’s poor kitty, Maria, had gone to the Rainbow Bridge during the week, and after a brief – very brief – period of mourning, Becca needed to get a new kitty immediately. So off my whole little family (Rebecca, Rachael, and Rachael’s friend Tommy, and I) went to the Seattle Humane Society to select a new feline daughter for Rebecca.  There was a fuzzy grey one named Pooky that Rebecca fell in love with.  Unfortunately, Pooky was a youngster – too young to be left alone for Rebecca’s twelve hour work day.  Thus, she could be adopted only if Rebecca got her a little feline sibling to keep her company during the long days at home alone.  Becca only wanted one kitty and that kitty was Pooky.  An impasse! So Becca cried for a while, and was too sad to look at other kitty options.  We gloomily left, stopping on the way home for the consolation of ice cream.  By the time I arrived home, I was ready for a nap.  Then, after my nap, as I prepared to spend my evening finally reading and knitting  another phone call!  Becca had decided to get Pooky and her brother.  We needed to hurry to the Humane Society right then! It would close soon and the opportunity would be lost.  Rush, rush! We arrived ten minutes before closing time, but were told that it was too late to start an adoption process.  Pooky and her brother were still there however, and we could come back first thing in the morning.  So immediately after church, the troops gathered at my house and off we went.  Becca had a cup of tea waiting, but in the hurry, I forgot to drink it.  She also fixed me a cup to bring along, but Rachael drank it.  So tealess, I drove us back to the Humane Society for another go at getting a kitty.  Pooky was gone.  Becca bore it well this time, and found two other possibilities.  She could not decide between Stash,  a huge kitty-man - a big black fellow with a white nose, and a dainty tabby-girl named Goldie.  As we dithered and debated, a woman to whom all of us had taken an instant dislike was showing an ominous interest in Goldie.  Then the woman announced that she was getting “this one.”  She would tame it despite the obvious fact that Goldie too, had joined our family in its distaste for the her. That decided Becca.  She immediately abandoned Stash, and put in for Goldie, beating the unpleasant woman to the punch.  The adoption completed, we triumphantly took little Marigold Hanele to her new home where she is now adjusting well, and is queen of her domain. 

By the time I got home, I was not quite tealess, as I had stopped to have a cuppa with Becca and Marigold, but that tea, like Marigold, had been dainty and barely counted.  So I was desperate for a hearty cup of builder’s tea.  After I greedily wolfed down my tea, I realized I was and  too knackered to go to the parade. I knitted an inch of sock, read less than ten pages of my book, and shuffled off to sunny Bedfordshire, my weekend totally not having gone according to plan.  But it was a pleasant one nonetheless, and I’m glad that Becca and Marigold have found one another. 


Lorette said...

Marigold is lovely! And I just have to laugh out loud at you having 14 books checked out of the library at once!

Pru said...

What a lovely name for a kitty, and what a lucky girl to find a new home with Becca and not with the horrid woman.

(And I'm a builder's girl myself - never thought to see that expression on an American blog!)

Marta said...

So happy Becca saved Marigold from the wicked witch.
Guess I know what you'll be doing for the next forever....reading!

Do you have any interest in a Kindle?

Laura said...

Lucky kitty. Now she has Becca and a loving extended family.

Lady Alice and the Keeper said...

Welcome to little Marigold. She looks quite lovely.

And we send you our good thoughts as your other little friend romps with her long lost friends who have gone ahead of her on that Rainbow Bridge. We hope she says hello to our friends for us.

We hope you declare a reading week like our keeper did. She even read a few books, although it was a few less than she had piled up around her.

Lia Nord said...

I'm so glad that Rebecca has a new kitty, and one that is so cute! Obviously, with all of the various untoward events, Marigold was the one that was meant to come to her!

I can identify with the 14 library books. Feast or famine. I hope you can read some in peace and that the other books don't all call "No! Read ME!" at the same time. Can you renew the ones you want to keep?

I never knew it was called Builder's Tea--but that's what I like, too.

Have a good week--with one (or more) good books and knitting!