Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Pleasant Evening

Another lovely Camino walk on Beautiful Beacon Hill!  We took a different route this time, through Jefferson Park and its newly opened playground.  And that playground was a spectacular kiddies’ delight.  I remember the playground closest to my house in my playground days, and it had swings, teeter-totters, and a giant sandbox.  I thought it was pretty spectacular at the time, but I had no idea of the possibilities.  This park had swings, of course, but so much more. 

Besides playfields for organized games, lawn bowling, and tennis courts, there was lots of green for running about.   But whoa! There were modern innovations that were unheard of in my day.  A water feature (non-functional for the time) with water slides, and a rather amazing contraption with which one could swoop from here to there, just like Tarzan high in the trees.  And someone had arrived on an envy-making bicycle!  Too cool!


Marta said...

Enjoyed your Camino report.
Cool bicycle!

Laura said...

I love the looks of that cool old bicycle. That brings back memories! Old bikes are like the old cars -they just seem to have more character than the bland versions of today. Lovely pictures as usual.