Monday, January 23, 2012

A Post-Snow Day

Leaves in the melting snow

Some people are never satisfied!  My family well knows that I am always complaining that I never have a day to do nothing at all but read, knit, and sip tea, and then I had four such days, one after another!   Snowed in and no going anywhere, unable to do much besides read, knit, and sip tea. Wow!  I was really beginning to seriously whine about  having too many perfect days in a row.  Each  morning, I got up and told myself that today I would make my way through wind and weather to the store for provisions, and each day I would decide that tomorrow might be a better choice for the trek. (I did have to compel myself to stagger off to work one evening, and was quite happy about being forced out of the house!!)  Finally, the snow began to thaw, and I did voluntarily make the expedition to the store.  By this time, it was not such an adventure, but just a pleasant walk. 

Now that life is back in full swing, I am already pining for a day with just books, yarn, and tea.  


Rebecca Ross said...

Poor Annie! Maybe you can lie around and knit tomorrow, till six o'clock or so.

Laura said...

I guess there really is too much of a good thing!

Marta said...

Love your photo and story.

When are you going to write your book?
You could call it Reflections Of a lazy knitter who is also a nurse, walks to work, sings in two choirs etc.
Really lazy.