Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Conservative Day

Life has been fairly bereft of blogworthy events lately.  Humdrum has been the word.  But yesterday, Samos and I went to lunch and then to the Volunteer Park Conservatory, a favorite place, and one which I have mentioned before.  We enjoy going again and again just to say hello to our favorite plants.  When we got there, we headed straight for the warm, warm, dry cactus room, as it was a very cold day outside, and Samos loves the desert.  We basked a bit in the heat with the cacti, and then headed for the tropical room.  

A hungry carnivore!

This is my favorite, but not because I love the tropics. Au contraire! It was very hot and very steamy, (my most unfavorite weather) and is definitely not my chosen milieu.  But I do love the luxurious greenness and, like all ghoulish children, I always need to stop by the carnivorous plants.  Little Shop of Horrors is a movie that I always find terrifying, and always enjoy!

A television crew was making a news spot about the conservatory, and we got to be sample visitors – on television.  You can see us here.  Well, I guess you can't!  I can't find the link again.  But the above picture was from the King 5 news site.     

Me pretending there is not that big thing behind me.



Marta said...

Beautiful flowers. Lovely Joanna & handsome Samos.
I'll go on the site and see if I can find you.

Samos said...

Here's the link to the video of us:

I can't believe how much we're in it! It was fun... :-)

Laura said...

Amazing photos. That carnivore plant is just too cute. It was fun to see you in that news video!

Lia Nord said...

How wonderful that you had dressed for television in your Oregon cardigan!

Pru said...

How lovely to see you in action, Joanna! Oregon was a star; I love the repeat appearances, Forrest Gump-like in the background.