Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A catty day

I mentioned to a friend at work that I had a  blog, and he asked, “Oh, are you one of those people who write blogs about their cat?”  I hesitated.  “Well, maybe a little.”  But I am sure you are all interested in Tobias’s doings.  Here he is being adorable.  

 And here he is being a little naughty, sitting in my drawer, pretending not to notice me glaring at him, wanting him to move along so I can close the drawer.


I. F. said...

Dear Tobias. Kitties are so much more blogworthy than humans, most of the time.

Laura said...

Tobias is the most photogenic cat!

Marta said...

Tobias has such a beautiful profile.
I am envious!

Samos said...

Super cute pictures! :-)