Thursday, March 3, 2011

A weirdly weathered day

What freakish weather we are having!  This morning, the day was aglow.  The sun was sparkling and the world was glittering.  Minutes later, it was raining not just cats and dogs, but more like cows and goats – really serious rain, coming down in bucketfuls.  Then suddenly sunny again, followed in no time by pelting hail.  Between showers, Rebecca came for a visit, and was testing Margaret’s hearing by making love squeaks which Margaret ignored, and then by making food noises out of Margaret’s line of vision.  Margaret paid no attention.  She is definitely getting deaf.  However, she still can tell when it is about to rain, and at the first hint, starts barking at that watery harbinger of her enemy – thunder.  During one of the sunny interludes, Margaret started growling at the window.  Neither of us thought rain was imminent, but suddenly there was the loudest thunder clap ever.  Margaret heard that!   The whole house shook, and Margaret levitated right into the air.  She was shocked but valiant, ferociously fending off any further danger. At least she was valiant after a short break for the comfort of some cuddling and caressing in her mother's arms. 
We comforted ourselves with a bit of Turkish Delight from our favorite Mediterranean food emporium.


Laura said...

I heard that thunder clap too!!

Marta said...

Margaret should be part of the weather team.

Sweet faced doggie.

I haven't tasted Turkish Delight since I worked at the Pike Place Market.

Janet said...

I got caught in one of those hail storms. It was not nice.