Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An economical day

A few week ago, Rebecca and I went on an outing to the restaurant supply store.  She needed some square storage bins, which only this place had, and I needed nothing at all.  I was merely the transportation.  Naturally, when we got inside this fascinating emporium, I discovered a raft of items without which I could not live.  When the man totted up my tab, I was horrified!  But I really needed every single thing that I has selected, so I bit the bullet and got it all anyway.  Of course, when I got home, I wondered, “Am I ever going to use these things?”  Not to worry!  I have used most of them already. 
My darling friends, The Twins were coming for dinner and Quiet Lenten Games, so I made a Yummy Scrummy Carrot Cake.  That is the real name of it, and it is aptly named.  Since it is a British recipe, everything is a little different, including the required pans.  The new 8 inch springform pan that I bought was exactly right, and no other pan I had would have done – or so I told myself.  Actually, I think I was telling the truth, because all my other cake pans are bigger, and thus really wouldn’t do.  I had also purchased some parchment cake pan liners – 8 inch circles, naturally.  Those too are a thing no home should be without.  They saved me lots of time in lining the cake pan (another facet of most English cake recipes.)  The cake was a great success despite possibly having a bit of my thumb in it due to a carrot grating mishap.  I served the cake on my new little cake plate – purchased on another outing – also one where I needed nothing at all when I entered the store.  Well, actually I did need vegetarian soup powder, and when I couldn’t find that, I got the cake plate instead.
My dinner entrée was spanakopita.  I had not made this in many years, and remembered it as taking much of the day to prepare.  My original plan was to make a blitz version, but then I read over the recipe from  my ancient Time-Life Greek cookbook, and thought, “This couldn't possibly take that long to make.”  Well, it took quite a while.  I think that the bulk of that time was spent chopping spinach.  The spinach is displayed in my new mixing bowl from the restaurant supply store.  As you can see, it is the perfect bowl for that exact amount of spinach, and no other bowl would have done.  Also, the bowl is shiny and has beautiful contours – making it well worth the ridiculous amount I spent on it. 

There!  I have quite justified my shopping impulses very well, don’t you think?


rebecca said...

I wish I had a bowl like that! It's really nice and well worth the money.

Marta said...

Joanna, you are hilarious.
Justifying a purchase should not necessary when you are single.
Oh, I forgot there is that evil thing called a conscience.

Cute picture of the Three Knitters.

Marta said...

left out the "be"

Laura said...

I go by this place on the bus - never thought of going in there. Of course you needed that perfect sized and beautiful bowl!

Samos said...

Wow, real blood in the cake! Just like Rebecca!!! :-)