Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Ordinary Day

Today was pretty run-of-the-mill, except that I took my new camera on its first outing.  It wasn’t a photo outing, but rather what I was doing anyway - lunch at Pauline’s house and grocery shopping.   Every so often Pauline and I have a little pedicure session.  I do her toenails for her,  and then we have lunch, which most often is tomato soup with saltine crackers, and a piece of cheddar cheese floating in the soup.  This is one of my favorite meals, and as I very seldom fix it for myself, it is always a treat.  So while this not a noteworthy adventure, it was a pleasant afternoon. 
The vegetables in the Madison Market seemed particularly vibrant today, don’t you think? I had planned to make a little photo essay, but I got so involved in selecting my beet and my squash that I forgot all about taking pictures. 


rebecca said...

Those saltines are sure pretty!

Laura said...

Your pictures are so beautiful!!

Marta said...

Great photos!
The tea cozy looks professional.
You and your friends are so talented.

Marta said...

I forgot to ask you what you use to do the pedicure. I need to buy the proper tool or I may have to resort to Joe's tin snips.