Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another fun day

I mentioned a few blogs back that I was suffering from severe camera envy after seeing Joe MacKenzie’s cute new shiny, tiny red one – a camera that took nice pictures nearly in the dark!  But when my camera was perfectly good, and met my photographic needs very well, it seemed like wanton foolishness to get a new one.  And being a good Catholic (and therefore guilt ridden) girl,  I felt evil even thinking such greedy thoughts.  But then, suddenly, the zoom on my faithful little camera stopped working.  It zoomed in all right, but then it wouldn’t focus.  What good is a camera with a zoom that won't focus?  None at all. I definitely needed a new camera! Rebecca helped me select one, we sent for it, and I could hardly wait for it to come.  On the day it was supposed to arrive, we went to the University district for lunch at a vegan café.  It was closed, due to oven malfunction, according to the sign.  We went to the vegan pizza place across the street, and it was closed for unspecified reasons.  After returning at Rebecca’s house to see if my new camera had come, we went to a third vegan café near there, and it was closed as well.  What was up with all these vegan closures?  So we trudged on to a fourth one, where we had a delightful meal and then made ourselves sick by getting dessert when we were already stuffed.  We felt we deserved it after so many disappointments, Catholic guilt notwithstanding.  
We returned, and took some pictures of Maria with her nice slimy Christmas present, and were just leaving to go feed the hungry when……   Hurray!! The UPS man came up the steps with my new camera! When we returned home, I took my first picture – of some nice slimy tangerines which I had handy.  I swear, they looked okay that morning.
PS  The tangerines are at my house, not Rebecca's.  She would never have such a thing on her kitchen counter.
PPS.  NB - Flash needed for Maria - no flash needed for tangerines!!


Janet said...

That is great fun to have a new camera. Enjoy!

Samos said...

Exciting! You should take michele out shooting to help her break in her new camera... :-)

rebecca said...

Here's a blurry picture of Maria on the same occasion:

Knitman said...

lovely picture of your cat and I so identify with having to justify my wants! xo

Marta said...

So happy you have a new camera. As I said in my blog I'm still learning to use mine.
Your moldy tangerine photo is a keeper.
Joe would love to hear about your camera.