Monday, October 18, 2010

Another busy day

An update on the aunties: Dakki’s nose is much better, as you can see in her picture, and Pauline took a train trip to visit a friend in a nearby town. I drove her to the station, and felt guilty for not waiting to see her actually get on the train. She looked rather forlorn eating her lunch all alone there in the station. But the train wasn’t coming for an hour and I had a full agenda. A very full agenda! Sigh! Query: Why do we Catholics have to feel guilty about everything? Are the adult converts this besieged by remorse over every little action (or inaction, as the case may be)? Or does it have to be ingrained by nuns when one is little?

On the bright side, I had not been in the train station for several years, and when I was last there, it was a very dull, dreary place, festooned with signs picturing former glory, and promising an upcoming restoration. There were areas closed from view and a false ceiling, which made it even more dreary and depressing. Now, the restoration is well underway, and looks as though the finished product will be a beautiful asset to our beautiful city.


Samos said...

That does look really nice. For a moment when I had just seen the pictures, I wondered when you had gone to europe... :-)

Laura said...

This makes me long to take a train trip again. My mother & I rode the train in the 50's a few times and I have fond memories of that and the station in Yakima. Besdides nostalgia, I think I'd prefer traveling that way now because train stations don't have body scanners yet!