Thursday, July 1, 2010

A relieved day

Rachael and I were ordering new pajamas from LL Bean. I was reading out the numbers, and she was personing (inclusive language for manning) the computer. We made our selections, and got the same pair, but in different colors. She got XX Small for herself. “Get me medium,” I said. “Oh, no,” she advised. “ Get Small. LL Bean has vanity sizing.” “No they don’t,” I said. “LL Bean is a reliable old fashioned company that doesn’t stoop to that sort of thing.” “Yes, they do. Everyone is vain. Remember that horrible huge skirt you just got.” “That was The Vermont Country Store.” “Well, you can’t get much more old-fashioned and reliable than that,” she countered. So I ordered Small. They came, and were lovely. But a little difficult to get on over my bottom, and a little snug when on. Not the best thing for pajamas. I was determined to wear them and to also enjoy them, but it was a struggle. I prayed that they wouldn’t shrink, even a millimeter. Fortunately, they didn’t. But they were sort of a sorrow to me. Yet another reminder of the gradually extending girth. Then, after two washings, I took a closer look at the little bow on the waist of them. Maybe, just maybe, it was not a decorative effect, but an actual tie. I untied it. Oh, happy day!!! My pajamas now fit nicely. I’m pleased every time I put them on. I have to admit that I am vain, and was flattered that LLBean thought I was still small, when I know perfectly well that I have not been genuinely small for many, many years. What a happy mistake. How can one be so silly as to think that a tie doesn’t untie?


Lorette said...

That makes me laugh! Though the whole women's clothing sizing thing makes my head spin. There ought to be some standard to make it easier for us!

FugueStateKnits said...

Honey, sweetie, listen to big Joan: YOU ARE SMALL:)!
I've seen your pictures, you lucky thing you!
Now, back to your regularly scheduled weekend! Hope it's a good one!

Laura said...

Not so surprising - after all it has a button that doesn't button!