Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Important Holiday

I love National Holidays! And today is the National Holiday of our parish. It is the feast of St. James, and the fact that it has fallen on a Sunday makes it extra special. The choir, on vacation for the summer, reconvenes, so not only is there a wonderful picnic, but we get to see all our choir friends – some for the first time since early June. I am usually relieved when our choir vacation begins, but after a week or two, I begin longing for the St. James celebration with its wonderful music, wonderful food (if one likes hot dogs and hamburgers,) and, most of all, wonderful company.
St. James himself emerges from his storage place in the attic, and leads the procession out of Mass, blessing the congregation as he goes. I have always been relieved that I have never been asked to be one of his managers. It looks scary. One year, however, my group was assigned to put him together and then later disassemble him. That was very tricky. Maybe as dodgy as running his innards, which Corinna has been very efficiently doing. She looks pretty calm about it, doesn’t she?

Afterward, hot and tired, I was very grateful when my friend Martha offered me a ride home. Here she is with her husband Joe.

There are two sets of sisters in these photos. Can you find them?


Laura said...

Wonderful people pictures!! St James is very tall!

Janet said...

Wonderful day for you.