Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A pleasant visiting day

Wow! And Wow again! I made my maiden visit to the twins’ magical new home in the country. At least it seems like it is in the country, despite being a few minutes from the hub of life – St. James ( and my house, I might add – another hub of life, at least for me.) They even have a goat for a neighbor. One thing I love, and have always wanted is a goat.

As you can see, the entrance is fairyland perfect. Each room has its own whimsical character, and is filled with visual and tactile delight.

Their dining room was filled with gustatory delights as well – lovely tea, and apple pie for breakfast. Rebecca has frequently said that apple pie makes the best breakfast, and she may be right. Looking out the window, over our cups of tea, we could see the goat. She is a little white speck in the distance.

Did you ever see the Antonioni film, Blowup? Here is a blowup of the little white goat.


I. F. said...

Wow, it looks even better with those Mac fuzzy edges. Come again soon! And thanks for bringing Shirley!

Samos said...

Cute! I hope you can come to see my country home soon. :-)

Laura said...

Looks like the perfect dream of a country house in the city.