Thursday, June 24, 2010

A sickday

After my visit to the twins (see below,) I stopped at the plant store to get some flowers for my garden. I know, it’s rather late in the year. But I am an almost professional procrastinator, and I always wait to begin gardening till the weather is perfect, and everyone else’s flowers, planted months ago, are blooming and making me jealous. While I was standing in line to pay, I got a call from a pathetic little voice, saying she was sick, and could she come stay with me, rather than be home alone. Of course, she could. So, Ana and I did sick person friendly things, and watched the whole Season 2 of Doc Martin. That would be nine episodes. And we were sad when number nine was over. We started a stealth knitting project, and sadly, mine isn’t going well. In fact, it isn’t going at all, because I had to start over, and haven’t yet mustered up the emotional wherewithal to begin again. Today, she was feeling still sick, but less so, so we made a lovely dinner that was almost a meal in minutes - at least several installments of minutes between the Doc Martin installments. Having a sickday can be pleasant, especially when you are not the one who is sick. We had spinach and ricotta gnocchi, watermelon salad, and flatbreads.

Also strawberry frozen yogurt for dessert. For this, I used my usual frozen yogurt recipe, but whirred it up with about three cups of very ripe strawberries, and then froze it in my handy ice cream freezer.


Laura said...

Almost worth being sick to have such comforting friends and food!

Lorette said...

Yum! When I get sick, remind me to call you! It all looks delicious.