Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy day for the arch-procrastinator

Hurrah! I finally finished knitting my Christmas presents. Can you believe it? January isn’t even over yet, so I am ahead of my usual schedule. A few months ago, Ana gave me some sock yarn to knit a pair of socks for her sweetie Ken, and I had enough left over to knit her a pair too. So here they are – a gigantic pair and a dainty pair. The yarn is a bamboo/wool mix. Actually, I didn't realize it was bamboo when I was knitting them because I don’t think I got the label with the yarn. But I did realize how soft and nice the yarn was to work with. Ana and Ken came to dinner this evening and I presented their socks to them. Ana knew all about the pair for Ken, but I think she was surprised that she got a pair too. My really final Christmas knitting is this pair of mitts which I made using my Plum Blossom Gloves pattern. These were inspired by the Rainey Sisters improvisation on my design. I am having lunch tomorrow with my friend Eileen (who doesn’t read blogs, or I wouldn’t be telling you this), and I will present them then. I finished them this morning at about two A.M. and blocked them a few hours later when I got up. Talk about the eleventh hour. Actually, I guess it is about the fourteenth hour.


lv2knit said...

Love the Rainey Blossom Glovelets!!

Laura said...

Too bad I didn't get to tell you say Hi to Eileen. Once again my mouth is watering at your pictures of beautiful and no doubt tasty food. Cutting into squash is so daunting!!

Knitman said...

Socks are an agreeable colourway for me, as are the fingerless, lovely pattern too.