Monday, December 22, 2008

Yet another lazy and snowy day

Today was the predetermined day to work on Tom’s estate papers, etc., and bring it all up to date. I have to say “etc.,” because I can’t even tell you what is there. Well, in my role the queen of procrastination (especially in this sort of thing,) I decided that I would start right after lunch. Then, after lunch I noticed that the floor of Rachael’s room was really gritty and that Margaret had found food bits to spread around. I felt that it needed to be Hoovered immediately. Then, as long as I was doing that, I thought I might as well do my bedroom too, and then the rest of the upstairs. Since I had brought the vacuum cleaner all that way up. Then I realized that I was way behind on the laundry, and had better do that. After several loads were washed dried and folded (as well as some hand washing that had been sitting there for several months,) I got out the Tom stuff, and found a few bills that I needed to pay. Just then, Ana called to say that she was stranded at work because of the snow, and could she come stay the night? Naturally, I had to drop everything and fix her dinner. I fixed a broccoli, spinach and tomato risotto, and we thought it was quite tasty. Then, since I had company, I could not possibly work on those excruciatingly boring papers and accounts. However, I actually had spent at least ten minutes at it before Ana called, and I felt very virtuous. But now I will have to spend another day soon avoiding it.


Knitman said...

The Risotto looks yummy. John has been to Seattle and he likes it very much. I am surprised that snow is not common though since you are so far north. Is because it's west coast?

joannamauselina said...

Hi Colin, Our latitude is 47, and Dublin, where we lived for a while is 53, and the weathers were quite similar. We are psychologically more north than actually north. It's snowing again. And tonight we have to sing at Midnight Mass. I hope others are there. It would not be good if I had to sing a solo. J

Terry said...

Joanna, I used to live in Bellevue in another life (pre-kids). I worked at Children's Orthopedic on Sandpoint Way and whenever I called in to say I was going to be a bit late for work because of the snow it took a bit of convincing. We were at 600 feet right in the foothills and were the first to get snow if there was any. With a 35 degree slant on my driveway and on the road it was really tricky trying to get anywhere.
We've had rain all day here in the middle of Michigan and now it's due to turn to ice so hopefully most of our choir will get to church for the 11:00 service. We've had 35 inches of snow since early November and I'm not sure where we'll shovel it if we get much more.
Stay warm, sing well, and Merry Christmas.

joannamauselina said...

Terry, It's amazing how they want you to be safe, but you had better come no matter what the conditions. A dichotomy of sorts! I hope our choirs have a quorum. Thanks for you note.