Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another snowy day

When it snows, Seattle stands still. Folks from snowier parts laugh at us, but there it is. We really cannot function in the snow. My bus is one of the first to give up when there is snow, and in this picture of my bus stop, you can see two abandoned buses waiting for the snow to go away. And as you can see from the yellow tape, the road itself - a rather main one - is closed. Last evening at work I was praying that the predicted storm would not arrive in Seattle until I arrived home from work, and so it happened. My bus was still running and there was not too much ice on the sidewalk from the previous stormlet. I had visions of myself slipping, breaking an elbow and ending up a patient on my own nursing unit, but I arrived home intact. However, in the wee hours of the morning, there was a ferocious thunderclap, followed by another, followed by intense snowfall, followed by Margaret protecting us from the snowflakes. She is ever vigilant and diligent about keeping the weather at bay. She continued barking until we finally gave up and got up. Several days ago, I was talking to my aunt on the phone, and she asked, "Has it started snowing?" "No, what makes you think so? Is it snowing at your house?" I asked. "No, but Margaret is barking," she said.

Here is my snug little house which I hate to leave when the weather is bleak.


Knitman said...

Snow looks lovely. I adore it. I know it causes problems. I am surprised to read that it causes trouble there like it does here yet in New England it seems to not to. Your home looks like my fantasy home. Just where I would like to be for Xmas.

joannamauselina said...

Hi Colin, Part of the problem is the hills, and another part is that it only really snows once every few years, so there is not the equipment to take care of it that there would be in places where snow in the winter is a given.

rebecca said...

Poor Rachael thought the thunder was a bomb and that we were all dead!