Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Slightly Guilty Day

I’ve become such a non-blogger lately.  I don’t quite understand it.  Why, when still a working girl, should I have so much more time for that sort of thing?  I look at old posts for inspiration, and occasionally, I think, “Could I actually have written something so clever?”  But more often, I think, “Could I actually have written something so dumb?”  Now I am thinking, “Can I actually write anything at all?”  Where have my time and my blog mojo slipped off to?  What have I been doing anyway!!

  Becca and I have been trying to jog faithfully, and to find various scenic jog routes. 

Our most recent jog was not the usual slog, and in fact, not a jog at all, but a lovely woodland walk, since she had a sore achy ankle.  I felt very sorry for her ankle, of course, but my sorrow was tinged with a goodly amount of relief.  We were able to admire the trees, marvel at their sticky sap, commune with some squirrels and woodpeckers, and

photograph some of the wildlife.  

Becca's bug photo

Here I am having a beatific vision in nature’s cathedral. 

Later, as we drank tea at a favorite restaurant, we had scintillating conversation about our adventures in the woods.  Sometimes this is difficult with the youth of the day. 

To be continued soon, I hope!!!


I. F. said...

What a lovely walk. So much easier to see the details at a leisurely pace than when you are running by.

Dan and Julie in San Diego said...

Pretty forest walk! The tea place looked warm and cozy.
Julie in San Diego

Marta said...

Where is this beautiful walk?
Glad you are back on the blog. Don't be so critical of yourself.
Did you help fill the music notebooks for Advent /Christmas? Yes.
Do you help out at the soup kitchen? Yes
Do you sing in St. James Choir? Yes.
Just a few of your many endeavors.

Janet McKee said...

A wonderful way to spend a few hours. Hurrah!
I'm scheduled for a hip replacement - that walk would suit me fine.

Gail said...

You're back! This has made my day. I love reading your blog, even though we've never met. Thank you for sharing beautiful events in your life.

Fuguestateknits said...

So lovely! How beautiful the Pacific NW looks to this Easterner:)! Maybe the answer to why you are not blogging as much is that now you are LIVING more:)!
So happy for you if that is true:)!
Take care,
Joan aka FSK

Marta said...

I must've missed this beautiful blog. Love all the photos especially Becca's bug photo.