Friday, August 14, 2015

A Blustery Day

The marvelous Stacy Sundae with her celestial choir

Gosh, what a day!  As usual, I scheduled way too many items on my agenda, and then felt like a bit of a lazy flop when I couldn’t manage to get to them all. But then, as I eliminated one item after another from my plan for the day, I comforted myself with the thought that I had been silly to imagine that a slow mover like me ever could have managed it.  Actually, I really only had four things planned, but a late start foiled me initially, and then an act of God finished off any hopes of success. 

For starters, Rebecca and I went on our run in a delightful drizzle – so much nicer than the oppressive heat that has broiled us for the last couple of months.  My idea was to cycle to Becca’s house, drink tea, go on our run, drink tea, cycle to the fabric store for some supplies, cycle home, change my clothes, cycle to the Choir Camp Concert at the Cathedral, cycle to my Aunt Pauline’s house for a little visit, come home and sew with the supplies I had purchased at the fabric store.  Hah!  I was dreaming.  By the time Becca and I had run and finished our tea, it was almost time for the concert.  And I was in my running shorts – not appropriate wear for a concert at church, and no time to go home and change.  Well, if I wanted to hear the magnificent children’s Schola sing , I would just have to be brazen and look like an elderly hussy.  And I did want to hear them. They are amazingly wonderful.  So I  cycled to the cathderal, crept in, tried to look invisible (this would have been much easier in my camouflage pants, or course.)  Suddenly – whoa! There was thunderous crashing and roaring from above.  When we emerged after the concert, the world was awash!  And the lightening was still streaking the sky!  Yikes!   One of my too many fears is being struck by lightening.  Unlikely as that may be, it is often a matter of concern.  Well, I comforted myself, if I were struck, I probably wouldn’t notice, and in any case, it would be over in a flash!  But, my rainy ride home was happily uneventful, and, as the rain had abated a bit, was actually rather pleasant.  When I got home, having abandoned all thought of the sewing store, I called my Aunt to reschedule for a more clement day, took a shower, put on fuzzy pajamas for the first time in months, settled down with my book, a cup of tea, and some nice buttered Jacob’s cream crackers – one of the most perfect foods.  What could be better? All in all, despite my failed agenda, it was a sort of perfect day.  

My faithful steed getting wet as it  awaits me
Thanks to Maria for the pictures.  And ... the Schola Cantorum will be singing at the ten o'clock Mass on Sunday, so if you missed them today, you can see them then.


I. F. said...

I am very happy you made it through the lightning without incident. It was a dramatic day.

Marta said...

Such an exciting day!
My excitement consisted of seeing my almost dead plants and flowers come back to life.
See you later.

Tootsie said...

Frosty was cowering under the couch during the thundery theatrics!. I would not have wanted to ride a bike in it!…P.S. I have great difficulty in proving "Im not a robot" !!!

Janet McKee said...

That was the day our roof leaked. Next heavy rain it leaked again, of course. I'm finally trying to get a repair man, at last. Grr.