Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Fun Birthday

No, it was not Tobias's birthday, but Rachael's.  All the photos I took somehow got lost in my computer. So this adorable photo of my little man is to compensate.   

This has been a week of multiple blog-worthy events.  In fact, they left no time for actual blogging.  I have been remiss lately.  Plus, I am sure that you no longer want to hear about runs (actually slow trots) to the U District. My girls are determined that their old Mum should not become decrepit before her time, and demand that we frequently wear ourselves out (actually only I am worn one out) with this horrifyingly strenuous ordeal.  This has been a time taking activity, after which it takes me a day to recover. The most recent trot was on Friday, my little Rachael’s birthday. Rebecca and Rachael were polite and went slowly to accommodate their ancient forebear. I, however, did not view our pace as slow. By the time we got to the restaurant for our birthday dinner, my feet were nearly nonfunctional.  The lower half of me felt as though it were made of lead.  I recovered enough to stagger to the ice cream shop afterward, and then the inactivity on the bus ride home induced further foot paralysis.  Later we had Harry Potter desserts as requested by Rachael who had sent out links to appropriate recipes.  I made a treacle tart which was delicious, and Butter Beer which was not.  Even the determined Rachael could not drink it.  Rebecca had the wit to not even try. 

Peggy's beautiful and delicious salad

Among other blog worthy events was a hyper-fun Crafty Day and tea party hosted by the Darling Twins, with Peggy and Chris (both also darling.) 

And a terrific discovery in my skirt pocket at choir practice.  This had been there since some church fair (candy is often given out to entice customers to visit the various booths.) Those choristers sitting near me advised me not to eat it, as its age was unknown, but I am not so dainty.  Plus, one of my theories of life is that Tootsie Rolls to not go bad. 

Also a fun, fun outing with Samos to lunch and a visit to a très cute exhibit at the Asian Art Museum.  The exhibit included a sweet short movie with exquisite Japanese little girls in fanciful camo playing war games.  Hmmmm!  There seems to be a contradiction there, doesn’t there!

What else?  More runs to the U District, and another coming up this afternoon.    Sigh!  It is wonderful to be with my girls, and I am willing to suffer foot pain and exhaustion in order to have their delightful company.  I am a lucky mother and grandmother.  


Pru said...

Dear Tobias, handsome as ever. Happy Birthday to Rachael. What a delicious looking and colorful salad.

Now down to the serious business: how old are your running shoes, and were they professionally fitted? If more than a year and no are the answers then that may be your problem and a visit to a good running store should be undertaken pronto.

Tootsie said...

Tobias is so cute, he looks like he has too many legs!

Marta said...

Always enjoy your blog. Love hearing about your gatherings with your darling friends.
As your Aunt would say,"Sugar is a preservative" Eat the tootsie roll (unless it was unwrapped, then chuck it.
Glad Rachael had a lovely birthday.