Monday, January 5, 2015

A Lovely Day

Cyrus Therapy

Yesterday was rather a signal day in a bunch of ways.  For starters, I had been ill all week, and this was my first venture out of the house in that long time.  This alone made it a very good day.   But, it was filled with other joys, losses, finds, fabulous firsts, fun with friends, etc, etc!  I got up on plenty of time, and was scurrying around, getting ready for Mass and breakfast with Peggy and John afterwards, and, thinking that Peggy and I probably would want to knit a bit, was gathering my knitting gear. It was all there, except for the instructions for my current sock – one which needed reference to the charts every step of the way.  Given that I had been knitting in bed just before turning out my light, it seemed that the directions had to be there. But they were not.  Occasionally I make my book, glasses, or whatever right into my bed, so I unmade the bed and looked between the sheets.  Nothing.   I made the bed again.  I looked all around the room and under the bed.  Nothing.  The same with under the pillows.  So I unmade the bed and looked between the duvets and the quilt.  No soap.  This was very mysterious, as there was nowhere that it could have gone.  Totally flummoxed,  I gave up, made the bed again, and took some directions for the same sock in a different size, thinking I could adjust.  Of course, I forgot to adjust when the time came and so made no progress.   Petting Peggy’s pups was more fun anyway. 

After a yummy breakfast, Peggy was nobly driving me home, and as we approached my house, I started rummaging about for my keys.  They didn’t seem to be there.  This always puts me into a bit of a state – not because I am afraid of being locked out (of course that would be an unpleasant problem,) but because Rebecca and Rachael have gotten me programmed to always have the keys in my hand well before reaching the lock – to spare them frustration.  If we ever approach my car to go somewhere, and I don’t have the keys out, they start to get agitated.  If I have to look for the keys when we reach the car, there are sighs and eye rollings! Along with, if I have to actually go through several pockets, little groans of disgust.  Peggy, of course, is kindness itself, and would never have such feelings, but nonetheless, I was getting kind of upset.  I knew I had put them into my purse and even knew I had put them into its little zippered pocket.   

She saw my rummagings, and said she would wait till I found them.  “No, no!  It will be fine,” I said.  But she insisted, and then seeing me still pawing through my bag, she got out of her and came to the porch to help me.  The keys were just not there.  Nor were they in my pockets.  Rats!!!  I dumped everything out of my purse onto the porch, which was a little embarrassing, as my purse is like a garbage tip. No keys.  We shook the purse…. And could hear them.  But there were not there.   This was as mysterious as my disappearing knitting directions.  Resourceful Peggy realized that they had somehow gotten in between the lining and the actual bag – along with a pair of glasses and a pen.  She found the hole in the lining of the zippered pocket, extracted all the rogue objects, thus saving the day.  Whew!  I am so lucky to have such a good friend.

Hmmm!  No keys in this mess.  :-(

Speaking of friends, Teresa, the mother of The Three Twins, gave me this fabulous little pin cushion, which she made.  Just a day or two before, I had admired a sweet serving dish when having dinner with The Two Twins, and they said it was a gift from Teresa and  that she had made it.  I was amazed. 

I mentioned firsts!  This was the debut of Joseph, our new interim choir director, and he did a most wonderful job.  Of course, the music was serene and exquisite, but so was everything else.  The whole morning was serene as well as exquisite, and then when we returned in the late afternoon for the Schola Mass, there was more serenity and exquisiteness.  I am looking forward to a new era of marvelous music making with a magical fellow.  

PS   The knitting directions, in their mylar folder, had stuck to the bottom of a book that was on my bed.  When I turned the book over .... voila!


I. F. said...

St. Anthony is so nice to you!

Tootsie said...

I am so glad to see that I am not the only one in the world who still carries hankies!!