Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Another Lazy Day

Whoa!  It’s been a while!  What’s my excuse?  Nothing blogworthy to report?  Au contraire!  There have been tons of things.  I was so tied up with doing them, that I had no time left.  Well, that is not the main thing.

For years, I wasted so much time at my computer reading blogs and stupid articles about movie stars with their plastic surgery disasters (such a boost of Schadenfreude those articles can deliver), playing cards with mice or ants, and  the like.  All the time, I would be thinking, “If I spent half this squandered time practicing the piano, I might actually be able to play something.“  While that concept had artistic, and even emotional, appeal, it was in direct conflict with my laziness quotient.  Then my darling friend Corinna, played her latest little piano solo for me, and I was suffused with jealously.  That was the inspiration, and I started devoting a bit of time every day to practicing myself.  Now, I am a tad obsessed.  This obsession has not really translated to positive results, as I still can’t play anything, but it makes me happy to try.  But … now I have new guilt pangs.  I don’t answer email.  I don’t write on my blog, I read the letters in my favorite on-line knotting group, but I have become an inveterate lurker, even when I have things to contribute.  I put a little yellow star next to the email, and tell myself that I will answer it later.  Sigh.  It never happens. 

So a teensy update on fun events of the past several weeks:

Runs with Becca and Rachael.  They actually run, while I trot along behind, whinging all the while, and thanking God for every enforced delay He sends us.  Here are Rachael and Becca being impatient, and me behind the camera being thrilled. 

Singing Faurés Requiem and participating in another amazing concert

Tobias's original Mom (Samos's Auntie Kree) visiting us.

Fabulous lectures on Victorian poets by Corinna followed by discussion among some very clever folk and one windbag.  The next one is on Gerard Manley Hopkins tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.

A walk to Chinatown with Rachael to meet

Diane and Michelle

At the Panama Hotel for tea.

On the way, a terrific rain storm burst upon us.  I had been in denial about the possiblility of rain, so we were completely unprepared, clothes-wise.   "Isn't this fun?" I asked Rachael. "If I were not with you though, I probably would not be thinking it that much fun."  "If I were not with you," she replied,"I would be calling a cab."


I. F. said...

You are a piano genius! I can't wait to hear what you will perfect next. I am still working on the "Rigaudon." I may be able to play it for you next time, but it will be awhile before I am as good at it as the six-year-old on YouTube.

Marta said...

Welcome back, you busy woman of many talents.
How can you call your day lazy?
You are so hard on yourself.
You run with family.
Practice piano.
Work in soup kitchen.
Sing in two choirs.
Attend opera & lectures.
Need I go on?
Pat yourself on the back and have a cookie! That's an order!

Lia Nord said...

I agree with Marta, above! I'm amazed at the amount of things you do. Of course you forget about email and other things like that. Every time I get on email, I get distracted, anyway, and forget what I intended to do--like check your blog, which has been on my list for weeks!

Did you really see that little red and white spotted mushroom? It's a good luck symbol here in Germany! I wish I knew what it was called.

I love reading your blog.

Janet McKee said...

Enjoy your blog. When are we going to meet? Nollaig Shona Duit.