Monday, October 14, 2013

Celebratory Days

Dakki and Jackie

It’s been a busy few days!  On Saturday, Jackie O’Ryan, my something-eth cousin, something removed, and my Aunt Dakki came to lunch. They are both interested in our mutual ancient ancestors, seven Ryan siblings, who, in the 19th century, emigrated from County Tipperary, arriving in Boston, from whence they all traveled to Chicago, then Colorado, and finally ended up in Seattle in the 1880’s. One of the seven, my Great-grandfather, and his wife Sarah, arrived the day after the Great Seattle Fire, when much of the city was in ashes. Dakki is actually a fount of knowledge on the subject (and many other subjects, I might add.)  She is one of the few remaining folk who actually knew most the original seven and the resulting cousins – a group much like the vast array of Rabbit’s “friends-and-relations.”  It was a fun visit, with lots of family and ecclesiastical gossip – both of which, I adore.

The next day, Sunday was my birthday!  I celebrated by going to church, where we sang the most exquisite music with a little string orchestra.  What a lovely birthday Mass that was!  Then I came home, took a nap, got up, went to church again, came home and took another nap.  I totally missed all my congratulatory phone calls and messages, as I was either in church or sleeping the entire day.  

Today, The Twins came to lunch, and I forgot to take a picture. Then I went to Becca’s for a little birthday celebration with her, Rachael, Tommy, and dear Lillian.  A super yummy dinner (forgot to take pictures again,) and my traditional gingerbread cake.  Delish! 

On rereading this post, I realize that the info therein is the sort of thing of interest only to me.  Oh well!  I have been such a lax poster lately, that I thought I had better think of something to say, even if not up to my usual fascinating standards.


Tootsie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

I. F. said...

Thanks for the lovely lunch and happy birthday! We're off on our tea towel hunting adventure.

Marta said...

I found your post extremely interesting. I hope you are writing down or taping everything remembered by Dakki.(not sure how to spell her name)
Photos adorable. What a photogenic family.

Laura said...

I second Marta's comments about recording Dakki's treasure trove of family memories. The family photo is beautiful.