Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An Absolutely Appalling Day

How my smoothie was supposed to look

The plan was to meet Barbara at the crack of dawn to work on filling the choirbooks for the upcoming season.  I was looking forward to the day, as I love working with Barbara and dreaming of the wonderful music awaiting us.  Well, I did manage to stagger out of bed at the requisite hour, and have my first cup of tea, after which the haze lifted somewhat.  I got dressed, put together my morning smoothie, buzzed it in the blender, took off the lid to pour it out, bumped the “Whirl” button, and ---- suddenly, I was wearing banana mango mush.  Margaret, of course, was thrilled, but I was not.  After a few choice phrases, I cleaned up the mess, (Margaret taking care of the floor,) rescued what little was left of my breakfast, changed my clothes, and scurried off to my date with music filing.  An hour or two later, I was beginning to suffer serious droopiness, so I decided to make myself a revivifying cuppa (the only cups available holding about two unsatisfactory tablespoons of fluid,) but was foiled not only by the minuscule cups but by the intricacy of the microwave.  After quite a few attempts to get it to heat my tea water, I gave up and just drank the water.  Later in the day, I was feeling about a thousand years old, and my back was aching miserably, so I considered attacking the microwave again, but decided it was futile. Aaaaargh! 

After what seemed to be a hundred hours, we finished our task and I slogged my bicycle up the hills toward home.  When I arrived, desperate for my long delayed cup of tea, I found my second morning cup still in the microwave!  I had endured this entire day with only one cup of tea.  No wonder I felt so awful.  After remedying the tea situation, I felt much better.  My backache even went away.   I even felt up to preparing a little repast for Tobias’s biological mother, Samos’s Auntie Kree, who was coming to visit Tobias.  I told him about his expected guest, and he seemed pleased, but as I opened the front door to take out the recycle, thinking he was closeted in the kitchen, I realized, as a grey streak flew between my legs, that he had disguised himself as a book on the bookshelf next to the door.  

Tobias pretending to be a book

 My language was even more choice than with the smoothie in the morning. Not knowing when he would return, I rescheduled Kree, ate dinner, drank more tea, greeted Tobias with a scowl on his return, and went to bed with a good book.  The awful day was finally looking up.  

Tobias pretending to be groceries


Marta said...

Thanks for the laughs.
I helped do books once and sore back is the name of the game.

Samos said...

Poor Kree! She's not having the best luck coming to visit!

Laura said...

Oh noooo what a day! Thank goodness it ended with a cup of tea and good book.

I. F. said...

How appalling! I'm amazed you were able to accomplish so much on one cup. At the end of many of my worst days I realize that I didn't have nearly enough caffeine.

Anonymous said...

That Tobias! How long until he came home?

joannamauselina said...

A couple of hours. He teased me by peeking in the back door, and then scooting off when I tried to close it behind him. He is a very sly cat.

Pru said...

Oh no, the day doesn't go well without the requisite number of cuppas in the morning, nor a full smoothie. I am amazed and impressed that you were able to pedal uphill at all, let alone without a fortifying cup of tea.

Tobias, like certain other males, can get away with his transgressions because he is brutally handsome (and exceedingly photogenic).