Monday, June 24, 2013

Another rainy day

After rain

Last week was totally humdrum, with absolutely nothing blogable happening.  I got most of my little task lists completed, but the big task was mowing the lawn.  I had timed myself doing it, and was surprised to find that the entire enterprise – from decision to do it to putting the lawnmower away again – took a grand twenty-six minutes.  Not much, eh?  You would think this infobit would spur me on, and reduce my reluctance to get moving on the task at hand, but such was not the case.  On the first scheduled lawn mowing day, I went out, looked things over, and decided that the grass was really not, after all, that tall, and it did not, in fact, need to be mowed quite yet.  Maybe in a day or two it would.  When the day or two passed, there was some other reason not to do it.  Perhaps I didn’t have time because more important activities loomed, or perhaps I was just too tired.  Another day wouldn’t matter.  Finally, I was getting really determined not to let another hour of procrastination elapse by without my grass being brought to submission. I got up, ready to work on it, but alas, it was raining.  Yesterday, once again, I had a full agenda which included mowing the lawn and going on an afternoon Camino walk with fellow parishioners.  Well, it was raining again.  Not much, but enough to discourage lawn mowing.  I was getting set to go on the walk when my darling girl called to see if I would like to go to a movie.  This is such a rare and precious event, that I dropped all else, hopped on my bike  and rode off to the cinema.  What fun!  And dinner afterward at our local!  I came home utterly knackered and collapsed into bed with a good book.  Today, however, I am determined! But wait – is that a drop of rain I see?  And it is awfully windy.  Hmmmmm! What to do?

 Update: I went out after writing the above, and it’s raining – sort of, anyway.  But enough to preclude any lawn mowing.  Tomorrow is another day, as you-know-who said. 

Further update:  It dried up a bit, and I actually did it. I had been also puttting off shopping, and finally having done that, I was inspired.  It look twenty minutes this time.  Was that worth a week and a half of guilt? Actually, it really was raining a lot of those days, so not really a week and a half of total guilt.  But on the rainy days, I fretted about having frittered away previous opportunities.  I love my new lawn mower!  Remind me about this when it is time to mow again.

Pina colada made by Becca  - one more temptation luring me away from lawn mowing. It was very yummy, and it was an effective deterrent to garden work. 


Marta said...

I'll forget later, so I'll remind you now. You love your new lawn mower!

As always, love your blog!

Laura said...

What a beautiful after rain photo! A work of art.
The Pina colada also pretty with its cute little umbrella.
and the movie... no report??
I'm grateful for rain for all kinds of excuses.

Rebecca Ross said...

Remember, if you cut it more frequently there'll be smaller clippings lying around afterwards!

Marta said...

I had to look at the photo again. It is so pretty.