Monday, August 27, 2012

Another fun day

Lotsa Laughlins

Another fun lunch date – this time with The Twins, their dad, and his wife Sandra visiting from far off Tennessee.  I had been eager to meet them for a while because I had heard so many great stories about them,  and had admired their dad's artwork.  Plus, he reminded me of Rebecca’s father ( a fellow to whom I was once married.)  They are both pretty cute guys – real charmers, in fact.  His wife, "the saintly Sandra," is wonderful too.  Today I heard stories of the arrival of the twins – Corinna the expected one, and Maria an aftershock!  That would indeed be quite a surprise – to think you were done birthing and then to see another little head or foot peeking out, anxious to make an appearance.  What a double blessing!

Lovely lunch
Then, I girded myself to return the vacuum cleaner I had purchased on Friday.  The salesclerk was one of the most annoying I have dealt with in ages and ages.  He had been so awful that he gave me a headache, and Ana, who had kindly come along for moral support, had to deal with him.  The next morning when I opened the box, it was not even the one I had purchased.  Instead, it was a horrible hideous fluorescent orange one.  I was not looking forward to another session with the clerk, but it had to be done.  I hoped it would be his day off, but no such luck.  When I returned it, he denied having the one who waited on me and had rung up the wrong one.  “It must have been someone else,” he said.  “What was wrong with it?” he wanted to know.  Well, besides being the wrong one, I hated it.  “I want one with a light on the wand,” I said.  “They don’t make them with a light on the end.”  “Why not? I asked. “They used to and it was a great feature.”  “People didn’t like it, so they stopped making them that way.”  “What’s this?”  “Oh!  It looks like a light.  I guess they do still have them.”  And this is the guy selling them.  Grrrrr.  Anyway, I exchanged the orange monstrosity, came home, vacuumed and was happy.  The Margaret and Tobias hairs had been getting awfully thick on the carpet. 


I. F. said...

I can't believe he argued with you about the vacuum. When we were there getting portapotty decorations, he officiously came over and to tell us that only one rack was discounted. I guess he thought we couldn't possibly want to look at any regularly priced items.

Marta said...

What happened to "The customer is always right." That was the code when I worked at the Pike Place market for my dad.

Food looks delicious.

Lorette said...

Your friends look like fun. I used to be married to one of those cute charmers, too.

Carrie said...

Annoying sales clerks are a pain. I agree with Marta's comment above, what DID happen to "The customer is always right"?

That lunch looks delicious, though!