Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Several-faceted Day

I was in a real funk!  Yesterday I did not do a single useful thing.  I knitted and read my book, which while possibly useful on some ethereal level, seemed like lazing around, vegetating and atrophying. In addition, I ate mainly junk food.  Depressing!  This morning, I walked to church and back  – not quite vegetating, but certainly not strenuous.  Then I came home and worked the crossword puzzle.  This wore me out, so I decided to take a nap.  When I woke up, I felt even more lethargic and useless.  Sigh!  I checked my phone to see if Becca had called me up to invite me over for tea and a little social knitting (somehow more useful than private knitting.)  But no phone calls or messages.  Heavy sigh!  I thought I should get up and go to the store to buy provisions for my upcoming work days, but the energy and verve were lacking.  I knew that when I had nothing to eat I would regret having been so lazy, but even this thought did not move me into action.  As I stared sadly at my phone, mirabile dictu, it rang.  It was Becca inviting me to cycle over.  I was thrilled.  By the way, could I stop at the market and get her a watermelon?  The long seeded kind, not the chic little round kind.  Of course I could and did. That monstrous vegetable weighed 16 pounds.  I thought that I used to lug Rachael about when she weighed 16 pounds, and she was not anywhere near this heavy.  I worried that it would affect my balance on my bike and cause me to crash, splattering it (and me) all over the street, but it didn’t and I arrived safely.  And there was my darling daughter waiting outside so that I didn’t have to carry the behemoth upstairs.  What a delightful girl! 

A month or so ago, we got yarn for a knit-along scarf.  As I expected would happen, hers was nearly done, and mine not yet begun.  I brought that along so that we could actually knit-along at least a tiny bit before hers was completely finished.  She warned me that first two rows were going to be tricky.  The fact that I forgot to bring my glasses made them a lot trickier.  I had a terrible time and had to keep undoing my stitches and starting over.  I think this cheered her quite a lot.  As you can see, hers (the blue one) is very attractive, while mine (the pinkish one) is a little hideous lump – rather like Eeyore’s balloon.  I am looking forward to working on it when I can actually see what I am doing.  I think this will make it go much more smoothly.  


Rebecca Ross said...

Yours will be cute very soon!

Lia Nord said...

All lace looks like a hideous lump until you get somewhere with it! Don't get discouraged!

I saw from reading a previous post that you're a Pym fan, too. Lovely, understated humor.

Marta said...

Becca saved the day.
I had a lazy one yesterday but came to life today and actually got a lot done. Nothing as fun as knitting with a daughter.
Good luck with your hideous lump.

How in the world did you ride a bike holding a watermelon. I wish I had a photo of that!

Laura said...

Balancing a bike carrying a 16 pound rolling around watermelon sounds like a feat to me!!