Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another fun day

On Thursdays, Rebecca and I often have a fun outing before we go to Feed the Hungry at the Cathedral Kitchen in the late afternoon.  This week, I had a ton of stuff to do in the morning, and she had something to do in the far northern reaches of town, so we decided to meet for lunch at the Tamarind Tree after our tasks were done. We both were in the mood for some wonderful Vietnamese delicacies. 

The day was perfectly lovely, so we opted to eat on the patio.  Our food arrived, and it was beautiful, as well as hyper-delicious looking.  My tummy smiled!  “This is the best restaurant in the world,” I contentedly said.  “Don’t you think?”  “Well," she answered doubtfully, “I guess it depends on your criteria.”  I said that my criteria were, “wonderful food, a pleasant ambience, friendly staff, inexpensive, and accessible.”  By accessible, I meant that we could walk there, and if no time to walk, then there is parking. She still looked a little skeptical.  “Well, what do you think is the best restaurant in the world?” I countered.  “The Canterbury,” she said.  Seeing my stunned look, she said, “I really like to go there.”  I agreed that it was a fun place to go.  “Of course,” she said, “ the food isn’t that good.” 

So much for what I thought would probably be the sine qua non of the world’s best restaurant.  


Marta said...

Never mind the food. I would go there just to see the teapot.
Your photos are colorful and vibrant.
Enjoy looking at them.

Joe and I are complete dummies when it comes to eating out.
Our neighbors are taking us out to dinner tonight. We'll see how that goes.

Janet said...

Ambiance counts for a lot. Our local is The Barking Dog. Each time we go I think the food is worse. Too much stale grease or fat or something. But it's walkable and friendly.

Lorette said...

Those are good criteria for a best restaurant. Your lunch looks terrific, as does their menu.

Laura said...

I am enjoying your photography! Beautiful pictures. Sadly our neighborhood Charlestown restaurant closed down-the waitresses had been there for decades and knew what you wanted to order without the menu.